The Khortytskyi district is the youngest and most environmentally friendly district of Zaporizhzhia. Its construction began in 1969, and in 1995 the district was separated from the Leninskyi (now Dniprovskyi) district and named after the Khortytsia island. Zaporizhzhia citizens call it Baburka, by the name of the village nearby.

Multi-storey buildings of the Khortytskyi district
Multi-storey buildings of the Khortytskyi district, photo by Sergiy Lavrov

The Khortytskyi district is one of the smallest in Zaporozhye, with the area of 18.8 sq. km.

13 industrial enterprises are located in the district, there is a palace of culture "Khortytskyi" with the same called cinema, three libraries, several youth leisure stations. Residents of the region have a rest in Iuvileinyi and Pokolin parks, as well as on the bank of the Old Dnieper. The Carlsberg Ukraine factory, a producer of the most famous brands of beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, invites you to take free tours.

The Carlsberg Ukraine factory in Zaporizhzhia
The Carlsberg Ukraine factory in Zaporizhzhia, photo: